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UAOT Executive Committee shares the delight of being back again online with you our dear visitor.

The Uganda Association of Occupational Therapists (UAOT) is the Unifying body for all occupational therapists in Uganda. 

The Uganda Association of Occupational Therapists (UAOT) is the legally recognised body that overseas and supervises all occupational therapy activities in Uganda. 

It works within the framework set by the Allied health Professionals council of Ministry of health Uganda. 

UAOT has been in existance since 1996.

Member of World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) since 1996. 

UAOT is a member of the Occupational therapy Africa Regional Group (OTARG)

UAOT congratulates the recently promoted OTs.

The Uganda Association of Occupational Therapists wishes to congratulate all the recently promoted occupational therapists destined to be redeployed  as Senior Occupational therapists in various regional referral hospitals across the country.

UAOT represented at WFOT congress in South Africa. May 2018.

The Uganda Association of Occupational Therapists was represented in the council meeting in South Africa by Kamwesiga Julius. 5 of its members presented abstract during the congress as well.  

Kamwesiga Julius - Completes OT Doctorate

UAOT and all Ugandan Occupational Therapists congratulates their WFOT delegate and mentor to many for the achievement. Julius becomes the first Ugandan occupational therapist to complete doctorate.

       Congratulations Dr. Julius

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Membership Certificates:

UAOT is proud to announce that the first membership certificates bearing a unique membership number are ready for issuance:

Call for all occupational therapists to get registered afresh and get your certificate of membership within two weeks. Read More

Cerebrating 20 years of training Occupational Therapists.